Tropical Paradise: 30 Pictures to Inspire Your Next Trip to Tulum + Travel Guide


February 20, 2020

Oyin Edogi

By now you know my first adventure of the year began in  Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Tulum is love at first sight. It’s a serene place where everyday can be a new experience. Whether you are a tropical lover, seeking a romantic getaway, or solo traveling, Tulum offers something for every type of traveler. If this sounds appealing to you, I’ve put together 30 photos that will inspire your next trip to Tulum along with a detailed travel guide below.



General Info + Tips

Temperature: Tulum is HOT HOT HOT. Less is more in my personal opinion. The weather will start to cool down as the day goes on, but prepare for scorching hot heat.

Language: Spanish is the official language, but English is also spoken widely through Tulum. It’s helpful to brush up on your Spanish or download Google translate prior to your trip. 

Currency: Mexican Peso is the national currency, but US dollars and Euros are widely accepted. Cash is also preferred at a lot of places and ATMS are always close by. 

Roads: The roads are relatively smooth, but be on the lookout for endless speed bumps. Make sure to reduce your speed as they can sneak up on you while driving. 

Drinking Water: Tap water is not acceptable to drink in Tulum so be prepared to buy water bottles from the local stores. Also, check to see if your hotel offer complimentary water upon arrival.

Tulum is a relatively small town and unfortunately, there is no direct flight there. The next alternative is to fly into the Cancun Airport and travel to Tulum by shuttle, private driver, rental car or bus. The commute to Tulum will vary depending on the mode of transportation you chose.

Packing Must Haves + Travel Accommodations

Packing Must Haves: Sunscreen, undergarments, 2-3 swimsuits, 2 cover ups, 4-7 dresses/rompers, beach hat, denim shorts, sunglasses, strappy sandals, sneakers, battery pack, beach tote, and a good book.

Airport: Tulum is a relatively small town and unfortunately, there is no direct flight there. The next alternative is to fly into the Cancun Airport and travel to Tulum by shuttle, private driver, rental car or bus. The commute to Tulum will vary depending on the mode of transportation you chose.

Shuttle/Bus: A shuttle to Tulum is a great option seeing that most shuttles carry 1-12 passengers. The cost point is anywhere between $100-$120 for a one way depending on the company. 

Car Rental: This was the option I chose for my mode of transportation to Tulum. If you book online prior to your trip, you can pay as little as $1 for a car rental on

Where to Stay?

Copal Tulum Hotel: For my stay in Tulum, I was hosted by Copal Tulum Hotel, which is located a few meters from the only natural cenote of the exclusive eco-touristic area of Aldea Zama. From the moment I checked in, I was greeted by warm staff and they made sure to make my stay very comfortable. Over the 5 days, I had the Superior Double Room with 1 King Bed, Private Pool and the most beautiful Garden View. The location draws you in by the aesthetics and beautiful designs. The restaurant is also very lovely with a nice range of cuisines to try from. Pro tip: The chef is able to make you anything you desire so make sure to ask! 

Things to do

MIA Beach Club: Deemed ‘Tulum’s Best Beach Club,’ MIA Beach Club lives up to that very name. MIA does not charge a fee to enter the beach, but in order to enjoy the sunbeds, you have to pay a minimum of $20 on food or beverages.

SFER IK: SFER IK Museum is a creative sphere compromising exhibitions of some of the world’s finest visual artist. The exhibition is also completely free of charge for entry. 

Cenotes: Some might ask what is a cenote (say-NO-tay)? Cenotes are underwater natural sinhole and there are over 6000 in the Yucatan Peninsula. Also known as “white caves,” they are extremely unique and beautiful. There are several cenote tours, which can be found and booked HERE. As mentioned before, there happened to be a cenote located at Copal Tulum Hotel so I was able to have a security guard accompany me there while I captured content.

The Healing Spot: The Healing Spot is a magical spa located in the middle of the jungle at Copal Tulum Hotel. You have the option of enjoying several different treatments inspired by Mayan Healing Rituals. The cost ranges between $90-$160 for a massage depending on the type of treatment you choose.


Copal Tulum Hotel Jungle Restaurant: Breakfast is served daily for 7:30am to 11:00am at the jungle restaurant. There is a wide range of cuisine and the dinner menu is Japanese inspired.

Los Tropitacos Tulum: I was a frequent visitor of Los Tropitacos Tulum! They have a delicious selection of street tacos for $3 for entire plate.

MIA Tulum: Food and Beach vibes – What more could you want in this life? MIA Tulum specializes in authentic Mexican cuisine.

Bonita Burger: Bonita Burger hands down the most mouth watering burger I’ve ever had. Ask about their secret burger ? It’s not on the menu!

Tatewari Tulum: Wake up and have tacos right at the beach when you visit Tatewari Tulum.

Mezzanine: If you are looking for an upscale dinner restaurant, Mezzanine is the place for you. The restaurant overlooks one of the most romantic views Tulum has to offer. Known for Thai cuisine, Mezzanine’s food comes to life with fragrant flavors. The Muay Thai and Crispy Money Bags were my faves on the menu!

**Surfin Burito: This pick gets an honorable mention even though it’s not located in Tulum. I had the pleasure of stopping by The Surfin Burrito on my way from Cancun and it was worth it. The service was insanely fast and I savored every bite of my fully customizable burrito. Oh and did I forget to mention that it’s open 24/7?! Even more reason to visit!

Wake up and have tacos right at the beach when you visit Tatewari Tulum.


Thank you and don’t forget to #VacationLikeOyin!

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  1. Alana Reina says:

    This is incredible sis!! Tons of helpful tips and beautiful pics. You are making me so excited for my trip!! ?

  2. Tsobis says:

    Totally pinning this post for my future exploration at Tulum; hopefully it’s soon! So much gems in here — LOVE!

  3. Melissa says:

    Great tips! God information to know before traveling to Tulum. I love the photos, so gorgeous and I love their culture/architecture. Saving for future reference when I make it to Tulum.

    • Oyin Edogi says:

      Thank you Melissa! That really means so much to me. I had so much fun putting it together and I can’t wait for my next adventure!

  4. Emma says:

    Your photos are stunning! I’d love to visit Tulum – hopefully soon, this has definitely inspired me to go sooner rather than later!

    • Oyin Edogi says:

      Tulum is one of those must see places. It’s been on my list for a while now and I’d suggest that everyone visit! I truly hope you get to go sooner than you know ❤️

  5. Patricija says:

    These photos look stunning! I love the colours of those on the beach – just amazing 🙂

  6. Em says:

    These pics are awesome! I’ve been to Cancun but missed Tulum ,so this was great!

  7. Mijia Eggers says:

    The pictures are awesome! Hopefully one day I can manage to visit the place.

  8. Attaliah says:

    OHHHH MYYYY GOODNESS! Your photos are gorgeous! ? I’m completely inspired!

  9. Christina says:

    I was actually thinking of going to Tullum for my bday all because of your IG post and your blog! I have been influenced lol!

  10. Camisha says:

    This is such a useful read! I plan to travel to tulum sometime next year after everything fully died down! Will def take some tips from your blog! Thank you!

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